Our philosophy promotes maintaining long-term solutions, that is why all our equipment is manufactured with high quality components. We invest in robust R + D processes to create efficient and high-performance products. This has allowed us to position ourselves as a leading brand in the lighting sector.



We understand the importance and safety of good lighting, which is why we analyze in detail what the needs of our customers are in order to offer an adequate solution.


Our team of engineers identifies the requirements that each project must meet to ensure its success.
Electronics and 3D teams go to work on the product. The electronics are oriented to achieve greater efficiency while 3D works to improve thermal dissipation, which guarantees the durability of the LED. Once the process is finished, we verify that the design meets the requirements and we move it to the prototyping phase.


We produce between 5 and 10 product samples to make a test as faithful as possible to the actual use that is going to be given to it. We test characteristics such as lighting, power, light color, resistance to rain and shocks, performance or how the optics behave.
If adjustments are necessary, the project is returned to the design team and the process is repeated until the product is perfect.


Once the prototype is adjusted, we manufacture between 500 and 1000 units, which will undergo a verification by the technical team.
In this verification we carry out a series of electrical and thermal tests to verify the operation and if the product meets the required requirements.
In addition, in this phase we estimate the useful life of our products.


Once the pre-series has been validated, we begin the manufacture and final assembly of our products.
Process independent certifiers carry out a final random quality check.
After the production phase, we send and install the luminaires so that our customers can enjoy the best experience in LED lighting.