Born To Iluminate The World



High quality efficient products that comply with all current regulations, creating pleasant and safe spaces.


We have the best led lighting for sports venues, stadiums and parks.


Ideal products for any type of industrial space, since they are made with high quality materials.


We have the best option for your business, offering efficiency and savings in electrical energy.

Development of R+D Projects

Our priority is to offer the highest quality products, which is why our multidisciplinary team develops R+D projects to continually create novelties and improvements.
This quality vocation is materialized in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in Design, development, manufacture and commercialization of LED products, which certifies us as a synonym of quality in design, execution, controlled manufacturing and effective commercialization.

From Idea to Light

Our main objective is to manufacture a quality product that offers an innovative solution, this being a differentiating part of the company.


The secret of our company lies in our team of professionals. Professional experience and the generation of fresh ideas give Moonoff the ability to develop different products with high performance as well as reliable, thus creating a turning point in the company’s journey. We try to have a differential value by integrating in our developments ideas from other sectors totally different from the lighting market. We seek the supreme identity to offer something different too, of the highest quality.


Since 2012, with a professional, young and dynamic team, our goal is to work every day offering the best version of ourselves to position Moonoff as a benchmark in the LED lighting and mobility sectors.
Throughout these years, the innovative nature of the company has revolutionized the market, giving it a new vision of understanding lighting and, in turn, transmitting confidence and professionalism to the sector through the development of its products.


Since the birth of Moonoff we have always had an obsession in mind: To have total control of what we manufacture, to be able to offer the customer a guaranteed product. For this reason, we face each development, elaborating a careful design of all the components that make up our products in order to ensure their performance and operation. There is simply no better way for us.


Our Headquarters

Our main headquarters is located in Spain. We have other offices in Peru, Colombia and the USA.
We illuminate any space in the world, offering the user a safe and friendly environment.

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We join the United Nations Global Compact

At Moonoff we are committed to protecting our environment, that is why we join the United Nations Global Compact.
This Pact is a voluntary initiative of social responsibility based on 10 Principles on Human Rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.